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-Customer Testimonials-

LOVE the binaural beats... Love them, love them, love them! It feels like my brain is getting massaged. I'm very much into audio and learning to do these myself... but I haven't yet managed anything as nice as the one I got from you.

Oh, and I really like what you did with the Science of Getting Rich book. I'm homeschooling my son, and we had a nice talk about substance...with the updated language, it was easier for him to get into. Yours was very nicely updated and adapted.

~V.K. Wesley Chapel, NC

I have both the Awakened Alpha Chakra Suite and the Delta one by Dr. Jane Ma'ati Smith. I must say that these are definitely the best meditation tapes out there, and the most powerful, especially the Delta one! When you hear those sound wave frequencies gradually slow down and then stay at the Delta frequency combined with those ocean waves you can actually feel the energy being generated in your body!! It's amazing!! Highly recommended!!

~ O.J.F. Upper Marlboro,MD

The binaural beats on the stop smoking subliminal self hypnosis CD really seem to do something! I feel calmer, less preoccupied, more in the moment, and found that I did not have the urge to reach for a smoke as often, and that made it a LOT easier to quit! I will recommend your products to all my friends!

~ J.G. Portland, OR

After meditating with the Awakened Alpha Chakra Suite, I felt more open and balanced after the first session. I could feel the sound resonating in each chakra, clearing out the old, stuck energy and filling them up with tonal healing. Highly recommended!!!

~ L.A. San Francisco, CA

Thanks a MILLION for this fantastic wealth and prosperity download! I come from poverty, and certainly did not learn a "prosperity consciousness" from my parents, or anyone else. I have been "starting from scratch" all my life, but I finally feel like I have the ingredients for success! I feel rich already!

~ D.R. Detroit MI

A friend HIGHLY recommended the Deep Delta Chakra Suite, so I got the CD. OMG!!! I was not expecting what I got, which was ENERGY running all through my body, while in a REALLY DEEP trance!!! And every time I use it, it's a little different!! The binaural beats really seem to target the energy centers that need it the most, and sometimes it can be intense!!! I have been practicing yoga and meditation for years, and have NEVER experienced anything quite like this!!!

~ J.L. Sedona, AZ

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the ADHD programs! Who would have thought that a simple CD and a pair of headphones would do so much for my son..... it took a week or two of continued use to see a difference, but he gradually began to have calmer behavior and more focus. He likes it too, he says it "makes his brain feel good." Thanks, this is a good drug free option for kids with ADHD.

~ K.L. Miami, FL

I wanted to e-mail you that I am really enjoying the binaural beat HGH Beta Endorphin MP3 I downloaded two weeks ago. I would have though that a beta binaural beat frequency would stimulate thoughts, or make me hyper, but that's not true at all; when I use it, I feel focused, centered and calm, it is great to listen to on my iPod at my desk. And I am starting to look and feel younger, stronger with a calm energy, this is really worth the price many times over! Who would have thought an MP3 download would make such a positive difference in my life!

~ P.J. NY, NY

I wanted to report that after a month of use, I am "Feeling Good" with the subliminal self hypnosis MP3 for depression!! Between the kind and wise words of the hypnotic script, and the binaural beats in the background, I am feeling more optimistic and balanced. I also want to thank you guys for the ebooks included in the package with advise about vitamins and supplements useful for treating depression naturally, I am treating both my body and mind better, and it is showing results. I am not quite there yet, but I know I will be making an appointment soon, to talk with my doctor about getting off these pills. Yes, you can take your mental and emotional health back!! Thanks!!

~ K.T.P. Roanoke, VA

The test anxiety CD I got is working pretty good- whenever I start to feel nervous during a test, I remember the advise in the hypnotic script, and calm down and focus. Seems like the binaural beats are doing their thing too, I am more calm all the time now. The school year is almost over, and I am sure I will be up a grade point due to the test anxiety self hypnosis. I know I am not stupid, and this has helped me relax when I need to take a test.

~ J.T. Tulsa, OK

Hi Dr. Jane, I just want to say you are a Master of the art of the binaural beat! I have both Chakra CDs, and also both the HGH CDs, and I have to say, WoW! Your programs deliver what they promise! I am centered, balanced, full of a calm energy, feeling and looking younger, sleeping better, what more could I possibly ask for? Keep adding titles, and I will keep buying them! Namaste!

~ N.J. Austin TX

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All My Herbs- Healing and Magickal Properties of Herbs

As A Man Thinketh

7 Keys to Success

The Law of Attraction

Report on Manifesting Reality

Hypnosis for Newbies

Out of Body Experiences

Oceanic Mind, Deep Meditation Course

Astrological Aspects

Myths About Astrology

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Lifestyle Without Food

Open Your Mind to Recieve


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The Egyptian Book of the Dead

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All My Herbs- Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults

Attention Deficit Disorder in Children


Addison's Disease

Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder in Adults

Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder in Children

Adrenal Disorders



The Effects of Alcohol on the Body


Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease #2


Anger Management



Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorders in Children

Appetite, Decrease

Appetite, Increase




Asperger's Syndrome

Autoimmune Disease

Bell's Palsy

Bipolar Disorder

Bitot's Spots

Bladder Infections

Blood Clots

Blood Pressure

Blood Purifiers

Blood Thinners

Bloodshot Eyes

Body Cleansing












Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



Child Growth

Chill Blains

Chronic Fatigue


Circulation, poor


Common Cold


Congestive Heart Failure











Drug Detox

Dry Eye Syndrome

Eating Disorders


Emotional Pain

Environmental Toxicity



Eye Care and Vision

Eye Floaters

Eye Inflammation

Eye Problems

Eye Strain



Fear of Flying





Hang Overs


High Cholesterol


Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction

Lifestyle Without Food

Liver Detox

Low Energy

Low Libido

Macular Degeneration

Nightmares and Night Terrors

Poor Circulation

Pregnancy Complications

Prostate Disorders


Test Anxiety

Varicose Veins

Water Retention

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Are the Basics Really Enough to Keep Your Pets Healthy?

Caring for Your Other Closest Family Members

Prepare your Pets for Summer

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Prevent Pet Problems

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